Road testing plastic teeth at Gascon’s SFPD panel

Cops physically afraid of POA
(Dawg only Public speaker)

Gascon is a friggin’ genius to be certain.    Oh, the Mayor knows it.
The cops and their union certainly know it.
A couple of years ago an SFPD sergeant called my grandchildren, “an abomination” and suggested that another officer might have to kill children like them and that they were justified in doing so.
That’s the level of crude, racist animal that Gary Delagnes and Greg Suhr and Marty Halloran have recruited to patrol the streets in the City of San Francisco.
That shocked a few
Including me
“So what?” said POA
And, George Gascon ordered an investigation
“Don’t talk to him!!!” said POA
Let me try and simplify this for those of you who actually work for a living and can’t follow the minutae of the subject or have access to only the managed major media outlets.
The SFPD has a budgeted allotment of around 2,250 officers.    They keep around 300 of those position empty.    That’s so that the already generously (ha!) paid force can count on overtime to pay their mortgages in Navato or Walnut Creek or whatever (where they are registered Republicans who hate San Francisco values).
They put another 200-300 on desk duty that could be done by civilians.     Efforts by the the Board of Supervisors in every budget session over the last 15 years that I’ve watched have queried this.
“Why do we have a lower percentage of
civilian staff than any country in the State?”
The cops always promise to improve and they never do.    It pressed on it by the Board of Supes they sometimes (always with permission of the Mayor) don’t even show up for BOS hearings on the matter.
So, keep this in mind, the cops and their avaracious union are shielded from accountability by corrupt mayors.     For 100 years.    Because the police chiefs are only accountable to the Mayor (he always has control of the choice of Chief through the Police Commission whose appointees are always tilted so’s a majority supports his choice).
This isn’t working now.    Cause, the cops get to recruit and restock their force by choosing the new recruits or, ‘lateral hires’.   And, it’s these ‘laterals’ who frightened me.     They are the ‘puppies raised in the barn’ in Orwell-speak.
So, you’re looking at, maybe, 1,600 cops available to be on patrol/stakeout or undercover.

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